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Ivy welcomes ESL students who want to improve English skills.

Here are some useful English expressions that Ivy students learned recently.

"freeze tail off"

What do you think this idiom means? Here's a hint, pay attention to the word freeze.
To freeze one's tail off means, it's VERY cold. In a literal sense, if something becomes so cold it can break off easily
. People often use this expression to complain or comment when it is very cold. There are times when the expression changes a slight bit as "tail" gets substituted with other limbs or parts of the body.

Ben: Coming to work was something else. I nearly froze my tail off!
Stacy: You didn't drive to work?
 It's 4°F (-15.5°C) today. No wonder why you're shivering.
Ben: I only live like 2 minutes away from work though.


-- Provided by Kelly, Ivy’s ESL Teacher --


Here are some phrases that Ivy students learned in Lisa’s Business English class.


 Back to square one - to start over or go back to the beginning


If our plan doesn't work we are back to square one.

After failing the course she is back to square one.


 An arm and a leg - when something is extremely expensive 


The sports car cost an arm and a leg.

My plans to travel next year are going to cost an arm and a leg, I better start saving.


On the same page - to agree or think alike

We work well together because we are on the same page.

I'm happy we are on the same page and can reach an agreement.


Call it a day- to end something such as a meeting, class etc.

I'm getting tired, let's call it a day.

Let's call it a day and continue tomorrow.


Play it by ear- to not plan, to do something as it happens

Mike : " what time do you want to go to dinner?"

Sarah: I'm not sure what time I will be home so let's play it by ear.


-- Provided by Lisa, Ivy’s Business English teacher --

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