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Ivy’s Snow Day Policy

We, Ivy Administrators, believe that safety is very important. When driving conditions are hazardous during commuting hours, as described below, Ivy’s classes will be cancelled temporarilyWhen a winter weather advisory or warning is in effect, and the weather forecast calls for more than three inches of snow accumulation around the commuting hours and/or  driving is extremely dangerous, Ivy will announce aSnow Day on the Ivy’s official website,, and classes can be cancelled.

When public schools located nearby Ivy are closed because of severe weather conditions such as a snow storm, Ivy will be closed as well. For example, if Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire (Lake County, IL) and/or Glenbrook South High School in Glenview (Cook County, IL) is announced to be closed, Ivy will be closed.


Remember having a heavy snow does not mean a snow day. For example, if six inches of snow has fallen over the night and snowing has stopped at 5 a.m. and road conditions are fair, Ivy’s AM classes will remain as scheduled.  Cancelling AM classes does not mean cancelling PM classes either.


Ivy is the right school where you can get help to make your dreams come true. Best wishes for a rewarding experience at Ivy College.    – Dr. Yu -

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