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Ivy is a kind of window to me to learn English and America.  I met such good teachers at Ivy: Ms. Misa, Mrs. Gale, Ms. Maggie and Mr. Mathew. The first time when I got here, Ms. Misa was my ESL teacher. She was so cute, and her teaching was so clear and well organized.  She made every student participate in class. I cant’s forget her love story with her boyfriend. Mrs. Gale was always happy, easy going with lots of smile.  She really enjoyed teaching English and the time she spent with students. She also introduced American culture, history and art to us. In Ms. Maggie’s class, I studied English so hard.  I could feel a kind of American spirit from her teaching, because she majored in political science. She made us to think and observe political issues of the States.  I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from Mr. Matthew’s class.  He taught some colloquial terms, American humor and some jokes.  – Young J. from South Korea -

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