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ESL English School Chicago area



What are the advantages of Ivy?

All of our courses are taught by passionate and experienced teachers, many of whom majored in teaching English and have taught overseas. Ivy’s classes are small, which means you are guaranteed individualized attention.
With affordable tuition (low price), housing assistance, free access to our computers, and free parking, Ivy proves to be serious when it claims it is the right school to “study for success.”
Ivy is set in a safe suburban environment, Wheeling, Illinois. It is known for its parks, restaurants, and its large population of immigrants and minorities. A one hour train ride to downtown Chicago allows you to enjoy both the vibrant city life and the serene suburban life all in a single day.

What does Ivy do?
Ivy has helped thousands of international (I-20) students from all around the world make their dreams come true, not limited to entering top U.S. universities, getting dream jobs in their home countries, or simply enriching their lives by experiencing American culture.
Students enroll at Ivy for a variety of reasons. Some want to improve their English so they can compete in the global marketplace. Some want to prepare for entering an American college or university. Others come to achieve their personal goals. In any case, Ivy’s student-focused teaching will help you reach your goals.
If you are staying with a visitor visa (B or J), Ivy can help you change your visa to a student visa (F). Also, Ivy staff can help you obtain your driver’s license (TVDL) and/or social security number (when qualified) in addition to general F-1 visa advising. We welcome local residents as well, U.S. citizens and permanent residents, who want to improve their English skills.
Get Help from Ivy to Study for Success in the United States!