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Business English and Business Administration (BEBA) Program


Length/ Course Structure:  The BEBA program consists of 4 modules, or sessions.  Each session contains 8 weeks.  Each module is independent.  Therefore, students can begin the program at the start of any session.  It takes 8 weeks (one session which is 144 clock hours) to complete one module for typical learners.  Total 4 sessions, 576 clock hours over 32 weeks.


Course Description:  Ivy’s BEBA is a course for upper-intermediate and advanced ESL students, which is designed to introduce the general study of business administration such as management, marketing, finance, and economics.  This BEBA program will prepare students to apply business principles and skills in various occupational settings where English is the primary means of communication.  Throughout the coursework, students will deepen their understanding of today’s various concepts of business administration and develop communication skills needed to succeed in their career. 


With the conclusion of this course, students will have developed essential business communication skills, such as taking part in meetings, making presentations, negotiating, telephoning, agreeing and disagreeing, and using English in social situations.  They will be able to communicate orally in realistic business situations by practicing their business knowledge and skills.  Students will have developed confidence by successfully participating in business meetings after learning and using the English language resources provided to them.


Methods of Instruction: Lectures and Class Discussions, Oral Presentations, Business Vocabulary Practice and Business Writing Practice, Case Studies and Role Plays, etc.