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ESL English School Chicago area



Ivy Academic Information


1) Enrollment is open year round.

Ivy students can begin almost every 4 weeks.


2) Students are placed to the appropriate ESL level or other program based on their placement test scores and their academic/personal goals.


When students complete the ESL program or if they have sufficient proficiency in English, they can enroll Ivy’s Business English (BEBA) program, TESOL program, or College Prep program.


3) Ivy provides intensive English language programs in a student-centered, small class-sized learning environment.  Students practice listening, speaking, reading, grammar and writing every day.


4) We implement an English Only Policy so that students can improve English communication skills in a fun and friendly environment.


5) Full-time students study eighteen (18) clock hours per week. Students can attend either AM (morning) or PM (evening) class if two of the same sessions are offered.


6) Ivy’s prescribed instructional approach is the communicative approach for all ESL or ESL-related programs.  This approach supports achieving fluency in speaking and writing more than accuracy, meeting the needs of all students by student-teacher and student-student interactions in meaningful contexts.


7) We monitor students’ academic progress every 4 weeks.

Ivy students should attend classes regularly and make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) towards completing a program of study.


Study for Success at Ivy!