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ESL English School Chicago area



School Policies and Catalog

Non-discrimination Policy

The school, in compliance with civil rights legislation, hereby  asserts that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran’s status, or disability/handicap in its admissions, educational programs, activities or with regard to employment.   Any inquires should be directed to the President of Ivy, (847) 541-1525 or

English Only Policy

The school administrators believe that it is imperative that students speak English in order to improve their English skills and to make academic progress in their English class.  Therefore, an English only rule will be implemented at the school.  

All students are required to speak only English in the classroom during instruction - the use of any language other than English is prohibited unless it was permitted temporarily by the instructor to help his/her classmate.  If a student speaks in his/her native language, the teacher will remind him/her to speak in English only.  If the student persists in speaking his/her native language, the instructor has the right to subtract points from their class participation grade (if applicable).  If the student then continues to speak their native language in class, the teacher will refer him/her to the Director of Student Affairs or to the President.


This school does NOT guarantee any employment while enrolled in the school or after graduation or upon completion of any course of study.  F-1 students are not allowed to work without proper authorization; violators are subject to termination of F-1 visa status.  

Transferability and Admission to Top U.S. Universities

At Ivy, the staff is eager to help students who are interested in going on to top American

colleges or universities. We want to see our students progress academically and achieve

admission to prestigious colleges, so we will aid in the admission and transfer process.

Since its founding in 1995, Ivy has sent its many students on to some of the most

prestigious universities in the U.S., such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Northwestern, the University of Michigan, and the University of Illinois.

If you want to enter U.S. colleges or universities, Ivy staff will assist you to reach your academic goals. Transferability of a certificate bestowed by the school to other institutions of higher education is not guaranteed and thus the student should consult with institutions to which he/she may seek to transfer.

This school does NOT guarantee an admission to any specific colleges or universities. The programs and/or courses or exams may NOT be transferable to another institution. Admission to another institution depends on the institution’s admission policy.  

IVY Catalog 2016~2017