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College Preparation

Ivy’s ESL and College Prep program is an intensive 32 week course sequence for students who want to prepare for successful academic studies in U.S. colleges and universities or who want to continue professional development. This is an English for Academic Purpose (EAP) program and can be also called university pathway program.
By attending in-class lectures and lab practices for the ESL and College Prep program (CP in short), students will improve speaking and listening, grammar and written expressions, reading comprehension and vocabulary, and writing skills.  Also, students will gain the experience and confidence necessary for success on both paper-based and internet-based TOEFL exams by improving their effective communication skills and test taking strategies. 
Ivy’s CP program is non-degree program of study that combines academic and college-preparation coursework to enable an ESL student to have an opportunity to fully meet admission standards in a degree program of study in American colleges and universities (if there is an agreement with Ivy for conditional acceptance). At the end of this course, students will learn how to plan, write, and revise their own essays to communicate effectively with specific audiences. Additionally, students will develop critical reading and presentation skills that will lead to greater academic and/or professional success.

Requirements (Prerequisites)
To enter the CP program, students should meet one of the following requirements:
            Satisfactory completion of Ivy’s Advanced ESL Stage program or equivalent; or EPT test score of 50 or above.