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ESL English School Chicago area



Ivy’s Intensive English (ESL) Program


Ivy’s ESL programs are Intensive English Programs (IEP) designed for students who want to improve their English skills fast and learn English as a Second Language (ESL). Ivy welcomes local residents (U.S. citizens and green card holders) as well.


Students enroll at Ivy for a variety of reasons.  Some want to improve their English, so they will be more competitive in the global marketplace; some want to prepare for entering an American college or university; others attend Ivy ESL classes to achieve their personal goals. 


Program Length

Ivy’s ESL program is composed of 3 stages: Basic Stage ESL, Intermediate Stage ESL, and Advanced Stage ESL. Regular learners can complete one ESL stage per 16 weeks (2 sessions, 288 clock hours).


Teaching Methods

The instructional delivery method is face-to-face teaching in the classroom or computer lab. Various teaching methods are utilized to help students improve their English skills quickly. Some of the methods are: Lectures and taking notes, Total physical response (TPR), Guided and independent dialog, Partner reading, Oral presentations, Debates, Essay wring and revising, Grammar practices, and Vocabulary practices.


All Ivy classes are taught by native English speakers who are dedicated and experienced teachers, many of whom have taught overseas.   Ivy classes are small, which means you are guaranteed individualized attention.  Classes can be taken either mornings or evenings. 


Class hours are 18 clock hours per week.  4.5 hours per day, Monday through Thursday.